I taught myself to write code and am always motivated to put new ideas into perspective. My interest in computers started with very basic electronics when I was six, before moving on to code at the age of about eight. Since, I have experimented every day with many different areas of computing.

I am the sole author of Perceptron (a machine learning / neural network tool written in Python) and AstRal (an augmented reality social networking app written in Swift, Objective-C and Javascript); I worked at Oxford University's Computer Science department on the project Globular when I was fourteen for over a year (Node.js, Javascript); I worked at the Finance Department (Innovation Labs) of the Northen Irish Government (Python, Javascript); I was an intern at ROLI (London) where I was using C++ to visualise MPEs from musical synthesizers; I was a speaker at Open Data Science. Currently, I am a developer at Phantom in London.

Technologies I like: Javascript (jQuery, Node.js, Express.js, JSON, Ejs, Socket.io, Three.js), Python (Tkinter, Flask, Django, TensorFlow, NumPy), C++ (OpenCV, JUCE), Go, Google Cloud API, PHP (PDO, Laravel), Lua, Swift (Starscream, SceneKit, CoreLocation/Motion), SQL, HTML(XML), CSS (SASS/SCSS), Git