I taught myself to write code with initial help from an employee at Google in Mountain View California, who motivated me to write code everyday and put new ideas into perspective. My interest in computers started with very basic electronics when I was six, before moving on to code at the age of about eight. Since, I have experimented with many different areas of computing.

I am the sole author of Perceptron (a machine learning tool written in Python) and AstRal (an augmented reality social networking app written in Swift, Objective-C and Javascript); I worked at Oxford University's Computer Science department on the project Globular when I was fourteen for over a year (Node.js, Javascript); I worked at the Finance Department (Innovation Labs) of the Northen Irish Government (Python, Javascript); I was an intern at ROLI (London) where I was using C++ to visualise MPEs from musical synthesizers; I was a speaker at Open Data Science who I since have worked for.

I have experience with the following: Javascript (jQuery, Node.js, Express.js, JSON, Ejs, Socket.io, Three.js), Python (Tkinter, Flask, Django, TensorFlow, NumPy), C++ (OpenCV, JUCE), Go (Google Cloud API), PHP (PDO, Laravel), Lua, Swift (Starscream, SceneKit, CoreLocation/Motion), SQL, HTML, CSS (SASS/SCSS)